Tuesday, November 22, 2011

One crazy morning- Spring onions and egg noodles

It is beginning of another crazy day. My domestic help has decided a day off without notice as usual and I have to prepare breakfast along with getting my baby ready for her play school. Drama unfolds. Isha is up and crying. I put the geyser on and put her on her potty seat. She wails louder. I run down to the kitchen and put two cups of water to boil and take out a small packet of noodles. 

 These are specially imported from Kolkata and I love this variety. They are regular noodles only very thin. Two packets will suffice for one person for breakfast when cooked with veggies. But for my toddler half a packet is enough. By now the water has boiled and I add the packet of noodle into it after breaking it up. This way it is easier for my baby to eat. Put in a spoon full of oil and some salt and keep a steel spoon in it so that the water does not boil over and run upstairs to rescue wailing Isha from her potty seat. I peep in to see no potty output which means that an extra diaper needs to be packed for school. Every minute counts now. I run into the bathroom and let the warm water fill the bucket. I finish brushing Isha’s teeth and bathe her in exactly two minutes. I take a second to catch my breath. Fish Isha out of the bathroom and get her dressed in another minute. I take out some toys for Isha to play and run down and check that the noodles.
They are just rightly boiled. I strain out the water. Now I put the wok on flame and four in 4 table spoon of oil. No time for me to beat an egg and so the egg is just broken directly into the non stick wok. I pour in little milk and then just scramble the egg directly. Put in ½ a tea spoon of salt. Now I reduce the flame of the gas burner.

Next, I run to the fridge and find the spring onions. Wash them and randomly chop some into tiny pieces. This goes into the wok as well and stir them. Spring onions cook fast.

Within a minute I toss in the strained noodles. Add salt to taste, two table spoon of tomato sauce. Stir quickly. I check it’s taste. Delicious! My husband tells me that I should stop praising myself and I am working at it. Plop it goes into Isha’s meal box. I call an auto and quickly put on Isha’s shoes. Now she is ready for school and I have time to catch my breath.


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Ruchita Khurana said...

Yummieeee...it looks papiya and demands a try from my end, must say. Just looking for the finer variety of noodles in the stores here and Lets see.
You rock Super Mom!!!