1. Keema Balls

Utensil required: A medium sized deep fry pan/ Wok/ Karai


200 gms Mutton/ Chicken Keema
2 medium sized onions chopped into small pieces
3 finely chopped green chillies
2 table spoon garlic paste
½ tea cup of chopped coriander leaves
5 table spoons of white oil
1 table spoons of garam masala powder (powder of cinnmom, cardamon and cloves)
1 table spoon of white flour
1 table spoon of corn flour
2 table spoon of salt


Pressure cook the keema (2 whistle on slow flame) in two cups of water or boil keema for 15 minutes at slow flame. Open the cooker ad increase the flame till most of the water evaporates, but the keema should be moist and not dry. Put 5 table spoon of white oil in a fry pan/wok/ Karai and heat till the oil starts smoking. Reduce the flame and put in finely chopped onions. Sauté till slightly brown and then add the 2 table spoons of garlic paste. Keep tossing for two minutes. Next add the keema and two table spoon of salt. Toss around and add the chopped coriander leaves and 1 table spoon of garam masala and mix properly. Empty into a bowl. To this add 1 table spoon of white flour, 1 table spoon of corn flour. Beat a egg separately and pour it into the mixture. Knead the mixture properly by hand. and deep fry till golden drown.

Keema balls can be served with tomato sauce and of course a hot cup of tea or coffee.

2. Potato fritters in garbanzo flour (Aloo-r Pakora)

Utensil required: A medium sized deep fry pan/ Wok/ Karai and flat end spatula


½ teaspoon of nigella seeds (kalonji or kalo jeera)
1 cup of garbanzo flour or besan
½ tea spoon salt
½ tea spoon of red chilli powder (if you want it spicy)
3 medium size potatoes
White oil for deep frying


Wash the potatoes thoroughly since we will not peel them. Now cut the potatoes of 3 cm thickness in round shapes. Boil water and put the potatoes in it and boil for 2 minutes drain and keep separately. The potatoes are now semi boiled. Next make a batter of besan. Add salt, red chilli powder and nigella seeds to the batter. Heat white oil in a wok till it is smoking hot. Lower the flame. Coat each round shape in batter and deep fry in the wok. Depending upon the oil, one can deep fry three or four pieces at one go. Wait paitiently till one side is golden brown. Turn and cook the other side.

These potato fritters in garbanzo flour can be served with tomato sauce and of course a hot cup of tea or coffee as a snack.

Bengalis love to eat them with soupy lentil (masoor daal) for lunch. Its also a great combination with khichuri (rice and lentil meal).

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