Indexed Recipes

In an attempt to organize the blog I thought that it was time I indexed the recipes featured in my blog. Of course, I had to oblige to suggestions from some dear friends who take the pains of regularly following it.

Find below an index of food recipes that has been posted thus far under heads that makes sense to me. I have added within brackets Indian names whenever I could. Click, cook and enjoy.


1. The traditional American pancake
2. Bengali pancake (malpua)
3. Home made healthy cheese


1. Keema Balls
2. Potato fritters in garbanzo flour (Aloo pakora)

Lunch and Dinner

1. Roasted brinjal in green sauce (baigan bharta in green sauce)
2. Bottle gourd cooked the Bengali way (Lau-er Ghonto)
3. Tasty pasty peas and potatoes

1. Lemon tea (Kolkata special lebu cha)

Sauces/ Chutneys/ Pickles
1. Mango marmalade (Indian- West Bengal Style)/ Aam-er Murraba                   
2. Tomato, date and mango candy (aamsotto) chutney- Bengali style