Friday, December 2, 2011

No ordinary chives omelet

For those who have been religiously following my blog knows my new penchant for chives. A simple omelet  become an incredible experience in itself through the use of chives, cheese, green chilies and salt. 

I did not have time for breakfast today. My penalty for getting up late today. With by baby happily playing in play school my stomach craved for food.  I decided on an omelet, toast and tea. The mildly oniony flavor of chives together with some cheese paired excellently with bread toast. I used amul cheese slices (those we use for sandwiches) but I am told that chives goes great with cheddar cheese as well.  

I cracked 1 egg to which I added 1/4 tablespoons salt, 1 green chilly and 4 tablespoons of dried chives. How I wish I had some fresh ones. Next I whisked thoroughly. On a flat fry pan, I added 2 table spoon oil and when the pan was hot I poured in the egg mixture. Then I randomly added 10 small pieces of amul cheese torn with hand on top of the egg mixture. I let the egg cook over slow flame and feel happy at the visual effect of the cheese half melting. When the egg begins to set, I gently put a flat spatula under the edge and fold it.

I turn my mobile off and head to the open terrace to enjoy my omelet in 15 minutes of me time. Did I miss my husband now? YES.

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Anjan said...

Eggs are (IMHO) a perfect food - the photographs with the recipe make it look better than perfect.