Monday, November 21, 2011

Chive Pasta

My two year old is going to a play-school and I feel constantly apprehensive. But the good thing is she seems to enjoy the time away from me and the food I prepare for her to take as a mini meal. On all days I see her meal box empty. Parents of other toddlers ask for my recipes which mean two things. That my kid is sharing and that other kids also love what I cook. Heady feeling for anyone.

Today I cooked pasta for her and she loved it. There is a new store which opened near my house and I am so excited with my new chive bottle buy yesterday that today’s pasta has to be named chive pasta despite all the other essential ingredients that went into it. A quick research on chives and how it is different from scallions revealed the following. “Long, skinny, green-topped onions that have white bottoms are scallions (green onions). Chives, on the other hand, are typically considered an herb since the plant stays pretty tiny yet has a strong, pungent flavor” Fresh chives surely will be adding better flavor than my dried variety and can be used to make lovely chive pesto for pasta. Chives I read is rich in vitamin A and C.

Bottle full of chive

Opened and ready to be used

I boiled ½ a litre of water. To this I added a spoon full of oil and a table spoon of salt. To the boiling water I added 1 cup of pasta and allowed it to boil for 9 mins. I try to make all her foods as nutritious as I can and hence boiled some whole wheat ad semolina pasta. One needs to check whether the pasta is boiled right. The simplest way is to take out one piece of pasta and eat it to know. It was and so I strained the water out.

Boiled Pasta, just right!!!
This meal needed to be prepared real quickly. With a child at the door ready to leave for school I have little time to assemble ingredients. So instead of chopping I grated in a carrot. Next I chopped some mushrooms simultaneously heating oil in a deep wok. Threw in the carrots and finely chopped mushrooms and stirred for two minutes. Covered the wok with a lid and kept the flame low for another minute. 

Now, is the time to add the pasta, salt to taste and some chives. My baby loves tomato sauce. So I added 3 table spoon of tomato sauce. Tossed some more and chive pasta ready. The unique flavor to the pasta I attribute to the ingredient of the day-CHIVES. With my present obsession with chives I promise more recipes.

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