Saturday, October 6, 2012

Salad with beet root and beans

Yukti is just five, but she is very diligent when it comes to attending my art classes. Honestly, these classes were started with the selfish motive of trying to engage my almost three year old daughter and familiarize her with colors and shapes. In the process, I have now reconnected with the world of painting on a regular basis.

When I told them that I would require some beet root photographs for my post on beet root salad Yukti was the first to volunteer with her super cool beet root pastel. She will be overjoyed when I show her this post and I hope that it will spurt some healthy competition among the kids.

The salad actually is very simple and I intend to make it one day with the kids.

For 4 people


2 beet root medium sized
About a dozen beans
some peas
200 gms yogurt
salt an chat malasa to taste


Beat the yougurt and add the salt and chat masala to it. Chop and boil the veggies and mix with the yogurt to have the healthy salad ready. I suggest you prepare it with your kids as they will love the colors.

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