Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Battle won with Pancakes (besan, wheat flour, onion and coriander)

The morning starts with mini battles with my toddler. It’s a battle to wake her, get her to freshen up and bathe and wear her play school uniform. But the most challenging battle is to get her to eat her breakfast happily. I plan the night before what I would make for her, cook with all my heart and soul, present it nicely to her and keep my fingers crossed that she opens her mouth to eat. Most days, she will just have one glance at her plate and purse her lips before uttering a determined ‘nah’. I will then cajole her and coax her with colors and books till she agrees to take a bite. At least then my efforts stand a chance. Today was my lucky day. The battle was won with pancakes made from garbanzo flour (besan), wheat flour, onions and coriander the recipe for which is given below. However, the war continues.

6 medium sized pancakes


1 cup garbanzo flour
1 cup wheat flour
1 table spoon salt
1 small onion chopped finely
½ cup chopped coriander
3 cup water


Mix the above ingredients to form a batter with no lumps. Add the water slowly with constant stirring. Heat a flat nonstick tawa. Put a tea spoon of oil and heat the oil. Using a small ladle, pour some batter onto the pan. With the flat end of the ladle spread the batter evenly to form a circular shape. When the batter starts to dry at the top, add 1 teaspoon oil in drops and spread over the pancake. Using a flat spatula, begin to lift one side of the pancake. Then when it turns slightly golden brown in colour, flip it to the other side. Now press down all over the pancake with the spatula so it cooks evenly. Serve hot with pickle and curd or plain tomato ketchup like I did.

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sunita said...

Hey Papiya...it looks yummy though i have yet to try this out recipe. Can you suggest some home made chutney to go with this..minus the coconut!
thanks for the post