Friday, July 27, 2012

Fishing in Kolkata

No visit to Kolkata can ever be complete without eating the famous Hilsa fish or as the Bengalis call it Elish mach. At Rs 700-1000 a kg it is however steadfastly slipping out of the hands of the Bengali babus. But my babu (father) and ma would not let their only daughter go back to Pune without savoring bhape Isish or steamed Hilsa fish, Ilish bhaja (fried Hilsa fish) and luka bata (fish liver and intestines cooked in mustard sauce). Luka might sound repulsive but trust me it tastes delicious. When the local fish vendor who carries fishes on her head and sells fresh fish at your door step arrived with four fresh Elish my dad could not resist buying and I could not resist capturing the bargaining on video and share. I know all who have roots in Kolkata will associate with this post.

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