Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Egg and Capsicum Fried Rice – an easy recipe for box lunch

Scrambled eggs
To me early morning is the best part of the day when my creative juices oozes out endlessly. So on most days I am not stumped by the common question- “what do I pack for lunch”? Today was an exception. I opened the refrigerator and stared long and hard at its contents for some inspiration, but nothing. I watched the pigeons in the terrace feed on the bread crumbs which my toddler had thrown (not out of love for the avian species, but to escape eating herself) hoping that some dish will pop up in my mind. Did anyone research on cooking block or chef’s block? How does one overcome this? My yippe moment came when I reopened the refrigerator again. I saw some eggs and few capsicums and I knew I had to make egg and capsicum fried rice.

I beat two eggs with a pinch of salt and 3 table spoon of milk and scrambled the egg (for those interested in a more detailed recipe of scrambled egg refer to http://www.helpwithcooking.com. I always add milk to the eggs for the softer and creamier texture and the light yellow look. This can be avoided if you like your scrambled egg nice and stiff. 

Chopped capsicum and boiled rice
Next, I chopped one large capsicum into small pieces. Then, I added 4 cups of water to two cups of washed rice and 1 table spoon of salt and cooked the rice in a pressure cooker. Three whistles later my rice is done. The rice needs to be just perfectly cooked and cooking rice in a pressure cooker depends on the quality of the rice and the flame of the oven. So those unsure should cook in an open pan. I tried checking on the net to share a good website or blog on how to cook rice to perfection and none pleased me. Maybe my blogger friends assume that everybody can do it or it is too simple to teach, but I confess that I took some time to learn to cook rice well. So I resolve to write in some other post about it.

Steaming hot fried rice. Still in the wok.
Now is the easiest part. I add 4 table spoon of white oil into a wok, heat the oil and throw in the chopped capsicum. After stir frying for two minutes, I put in the cooked rice and mix well. Then I taste to see whether the salt is fine. Remember I added salt to the rice while cooking. This was done with a purpose to mix the salt evenly. Lastly, before I take the fried rice off the gas stove I add in a dash of vinegar and 1 tea spoon of dry Chinese seasoning and mix thoroughly. This last step lends a very Chinese flavor to the dish, which I love. I use the brand Keya http://www.amalgamfoods.com
) simply because it is easily available.  It is now safely packed in lunch boxes. Bon appétit to you and my family.  

Do you have a similar story to share when you overcame your chef’s block?

Toddler's lunch box

Couldn't resist showing off this close-up


Ruchita Khurana said...

Looks interesting and for sure will come tastier...must schedule it for dinner tonight.

ratna said...


Looks like a simple recipe which promises to be delicious.

Look forward to making it on a lazy Sunday or when the maid not around :)