Friday, July 15, 2011

The blog and what it conveys

I look upon this blog as a space to dabble with three hobbies of mine-food, photography and painting (in no particular order). The blog follows no theme. It is different solely because it does not try to be different. It is purely a platform to experiment and enjoy myself. I am very open to suggestions. Criticisms makes me feel low so please turn them into comments.

Food: This blog has tried and te(a)sted recipes from around the world but predominantly India.
Photographs: The photos you see are those taken by either me or my husband of food that I have cooked at home and he has approved as good enough to be shared.

Paintings: The paintings used are my expressions using water color, ink and charcoal medium and painstakingly scanned by Anjan. While the photographs are directly related to the recipes shared, the paintings are randomly used from what I have painted. No. I have not particularly painted for this blog. Yes. I have carefully cropped and styled my paintings.

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